Five Fantastic Lessons I Learned from Business Failure.

Very recently, a business of mine failed, just 1 month after the grand opening. I wish I could tell you this was a first for me, but it wasn’t my first business failure. And I can almost promise you it will not be my last. Though there were business partners involved in this particular situation, […]

Why I Love Coworking

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I have three offices. Two of them are located inside coworking spaces. In order to share what I love about coworking, let’s take an imaginary journey through a typical day looks at one of my offices.  9:00 am (ish) I roll into the office around nine-ish. Or maybe a little after. Because most of my […]

Last week, I chopped off my hair. 

How I made more money in my company by cutting my hair

I shared with the stylist that I wanted to feel lighter and change things up. When I turned around, nine inches were gone, and there were tons of layers. I felt dramatically lighter and energized by my new look. Later that afternoon, when I hopped on Facebook Live to check in with ABP Difference Makers […]

Business Lent

A Better Place Consulting

Did you grow up Catholic? In case you did not, allow me to give you a quick explanation of the Christian Lenten practice. (This is not the religious definition, so forgive me, Father Murphy.) Lent is a 40-day period that begins Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. This year, it started on March 6th. Lent […]

Fantastic Beasts… and How They Impact Your Business

Fantastic Beasts and How They Impact Your Business

While watching the awesome movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, my 7-year-old daughter was captivated by a scene featuring an animal that shrinks or grows to match the size of its environment. In the movie, this size-shifting beast has taken over the giant attic of a department store, and the ceiling is in […]

Make Your Calendar Work for You

Make Your Calendar Work for YOU

Look at your calendar. Go ahead, open it. This blog will wait. Now scroll 4 to 6 weeks out. Do you see some open time? Those empty spots are what I like to call “Change Space.” You may have told yourself for years you are “too busy,” but the reality is you are not too […]

Growing a Business By Burning It Down

ABPC Change for Growth

Happy 2018!  In this season of new beginnings and resolutions, the key to progress, achieving goals, and success is not doing MORE, but CHANGING what you are doing. Many clients come to A Better Place Consulting because they want different results from their business (and lives).  Yet many are a little resistant to the change […]

To Do List Conquering Worksheet

ABPC to do list conquering worksheet

It’s time to stop fearing our to-do lists.  Let’s commit to stop over scheduling and then being disappointed that we were unable to keep up with our unrealistic expectations. Let’s commit to stop being overwhelmed, even to the point of being paralyzed, by our to do lists. Let’s commit to conquering the really important, urgent […]

Why Join a Mastermind?

ABPC masterminds

Many people ask me about Masterminds – what is one, how will one benefit me, or why should I join a mastermind. Here ya go!  Why you should join a mastermind and more. Learn more about our Masterminds!

Goal Setting Using the Big, Medium and Small Process

When we create goals and set markers for success in our business we can fall into several traps. We can create goals that sound good but ultimately have no achievement value because either we have no idea how to obtain them or we do now know the value of obtaining them. In order to break […]