What We Want

Last week, I did an exercise where I wrote “What do you want?” at the top of a page. My brain-dumped list of answers turned into a personal article, which is now posted on Medium (in case you’d like to read about my vision for the world, as we now know it). I found this […]

Commission-Based Coaching

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ve probably heard me say, “Coaching is an investment.” But that doesn’t mean the value of coaching is perceived the same by everyone.   When I sit down with individual prospective coaching clients, and we get to the part of the conversation where we discuss price, I always […]

How my business will survive the coronavirus (COVID-19)

When I opened my email this afternoon, every third email was about the Coronavirus.  Whether or not you actually have the virus, I have no doubt the fear and precautions surrounding the outbreak have impacted and – dare I say it? – infected certain aspects of your business and daily operations. If your company is […]

Turning Your Gratitude into Growth

Turning Your Gratitude into Growth Gratitude for Growth Gratitude, or the practice of being grateful, is something everyone should practice every day. The definition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness, which is why it is essential to include it into your everyday life […]

The Force In Business: The Rise of the Chief Jedi Officer

Disclaimer: I am not a Star Wars Fangirl (don’t hate me). I have done my best not to post any spoilers here, but I really have no idea what is meaningful to the trilogy or storylines of the film from a fan’s perspective. So, as Yoda would say, “Warned, you have been.”  This weekend, I […]

Vision 3 Years From Now

Vision for ABP in three years What do I see? Hear? I see beautiful views out of windows and a lot of people smiling and happy. I see bright photos on hardcover books and lots of light furniture on new floors. I see a warm office with Guinness and one assistant and comfy furniture. A […]

12 Days of Business

As we reach the end of each year, I always like to share 12 pieces of business wisdom that I feel sum up the year overall. I enjoy writing this post every year, but I think is the best year yet! If you feel inspired as you read, comment below, and share some of your […]

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask.

After careful strategizing and planning, my business partner (for Coaches HQ) and I ran into a brick wall. For six weeks we tossed around ideas, interviewed candidates, and tried to stay positive while we wracked our brains to find a way forward.  While we tried to work through the roadblock, I also happened to have […]

Why I Love Coworking

Coworking, business inspiration, team building, business growth

I have three offices. Two of them are located inside coworking spaces. In order to share what I love about coworking, let’s take an imaginary journey through a typical day looks at one of my offices.  9:00 am (ish) I roll into the office around nine-ish. Or maybe a little after. Because most of my […]

Last week, I chopped off my hair. 

How I made more money in my company by cutting my hair

I shared with the stylist that I wanted to feel lighter and change things up. When I turned around, nine inches were gone, and there were tons of layers. I felt dramatically lighter and energized by my new look. Later that afternoon, when I hopped on Facebook Live to check in with ABP Difference Makers […]