Vision 3 Years From Now

Vision for ABP in three years What do I see? Hear? I see beautiful views out of windows and a lot of people smiling and happy. I see bright photos on hardcover books and lots of light furniture on new floors. I see a warm office with Guinness and one assistant and comfy furniture. A […]

[LIVE ALERT] Podcast: Get A Grip On Life Interviews Our Very Own, Bunny Young!

ABP Podcast - Get A Grip

[LIVE ALERT] Podcast: Get A Grip On Life Interviews Our Very Own, Bunny Young! Ep 69 – Coach, Speaker – Self-fullness, Boundaries and Horse Talk with Bunny Young Bunny Young followed her fiancee to China, became a stuntwoman, has worked as a therapist, is now a coach, and has become an advocate for service animals. […]

Follow Up, or Break Up?

Follow Up or Break Up

It was 4:00pm on a Friday, and I was done. A month had passed since this prospect had expressed interest, and since then, I had emailed this prospect, sent LinkedIn Messages, called them, and texted them. Feeling like I had done more than my fair share of due diligence with follow up, I was about […]

Networking is for Losers; Establish your Knowwork

Your Knowwork

When I hear someone talk about a networking group, I kind of cringe. Networking has earned a dirty title in my book since I have attended so many meetings where individuals are there for the sole purpose of shoving business cards into as many sets of hands as possible. This dive-bomber approach leaves me feeling […]

The Sales Swing

ABPC the sales swing

Happy 1st Day of Spring Training!  Who is excited?!? Anyone who has followed the blog for any period of time is painfully aware that I’m a baseball fan. I started playing softball at the age of four and have many fond memories. Similar to my passion for horses, I believe that the sport ties into […]

Sales is a Dirty Word

ABPC not sales

  Why did they stop putting “salesperson” on a business card? When I went from a Director of a medium-sized company to a Director of Business Development for a much larger company, I thought I was being given the responsibility of being the visionary for the future of the company. I did not realize that […]