Who Is Your Yoda?

What questions do you think Luke asked Yoda about his life and path? How do I know I’m on the right track? Who should I turn to for advice and guidance? How do I know I can trust them?  How can I avoid kissing a sibling on the lips?  How many of these questions have […]

Why Humxn is Not Misspelled

“Great article, and I love your content, but just wanted to let you know there was a typo. You spelled ‘human’ wrong in a few places.” “If you are going to spell it that way, how would you even pronounce it?!” These are just two of the many comments we have received since I made […]

Business Owners: Stop Saying This Now

I have been making a list of all the new COVID-19-related terms all over the media that drive me nuts: “new normal” “unprecedented times”  “back to the way things were” “managing during a conflict” “pivoting your business through a crisis” I’ll stop while I’m ahead; I am sure you have your own to add, which […]

Are Your Tools Helping or Hurting You?

I’ve been riding horses for over three decades. (This will come as no surprise to you if you have read some of my previous blogs or have attended or considered our professional development retreats).  Even after so many years of riding, I still take regular riding lessons. Most of the time, the lesson is simply […]

The Great Pause

Today, my computer froze while trying to record a discussion for our Difference Makers Discussion series. The whole thing literally just shut down, right in the middle of our recording. Just like that. The two humans, Elea and Adam, who were with me when this happened were incredibly patient and understanding. They even created the […]

Want More Energy? Start Set Boundaries

It was 9 AM on Christmas morning when my phone rang. It was my old boss. I knew she had been struggling with her team as well as financially and had been working overtime. Today, Christmas Day, she could not access the computer system at the office. So she called me. She called me because:  […]

How Uncertainty Gives Me Hope

Today, I am waking up in a world that feels full of individuals who bet it all on black and lost. It is a world filled with panic and uncertainty. We are all suffering from a lack of clarity, especially around who can (and should) be trusted to provide vital, life-saving information. Never before have […]

Yes, Those Are My Kids In the Background

Imagine: You’re talking to a client when you hear a screaming baby or kid in the background yelling, “MOMMY!” Or you see a little head pop up to announce, “Daddy, I’m hungry.” If you are a parent and a professional, odds are you have had your own child interrupt your conference calls once or twice. […]

How Leadership Can Save the World

There are a ton of articles out there on leadership and how to be a better leader. If that’s the content you are looking for, I suggest heading over to my friend Christopher R Jones’ site, Authentic Leader, for some quality tips and action plans. Or, if you want some lessons in leadership from the […]

Addicted to Great Danes and Saving the World

Our very own Bunny Young, was a guest on Sketch Comedy Podcast Show. Take a moment to view it below! Show description: This week’s guest, Bunny Young, is a therapist turned consultant (you may be noticing a trend as of late…) who specializes in helping companies recognize work/life balance and become better at making the […]