Five Fantastic Lessons I Learned from Business Failure.

Very recently, a business of mine failed, just 1 month after the grand opening. I wish I could tell you this was a first for me, but it wasn’t my first business failure. And I can almost promise you it will not be my last. Though there were business partners involved in this particular situation, […]

Why I Love Coworking

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I have three offices. Two of them are located inside coworking spaces. In order to share what I love about coworking, let’s take an imaginary journey through a typical day looks at one of my offices.  9:00 am (ish) I roll into the office around nine-ish. Or maybe a little after. Because most of my […]

Relationships In Business

Who said, “You never have a shortage of money-just relationships?” Maybe I heard it in an audiobook, but I suspect it is left over in my brain from years of watching those with “connections” get ahead in life and business. As a therapist-turned-consultant, one of my specialties is relationships. While my track record for saving […]

Why Core Values are Important to Your Business?

    With every single client, no matter how large or small we start with the foundation of core values. I would argue that these values are the single most important part of starting, re-branding, succeeding, hiring, and client acquisition in any company. Why are core values so important? For Your Clients You cannot identify […]

Why I Will Always Live With My Parents

ABPC Live with Parents

  In 2013, my husband was living in Germany and I was in Virginia when I got the brilliant plan to invest in a house. It seemed like the right timing but I knew that I did not want to live in house alone with our young daughter until he came home so I decided […]