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Too Much on Your Plate? So many people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, during these uncertain times. You want to do the things that you love, with less stress, and more results both personally and professionally. It is totally possible.

This Toolbox is designed for those who want clarity on what to focus on now and how to handle everything else

If you can relate to any of these statements below, you are in the right place:

  • You have accomplished all that you can do solo in your business and feel like you have hit a ceiling
  • You are missing out on precious time with your children and spouse or loved one
  • You open emails and mark them as unread again because you do not have time to deal with it right now
  • You want to make a difference and give back to the community but not sure that you can afford it or where to start
  • You have multiple lists of things that need to be accomplished
  • You have watched 50 free webinars with good information but cannot find the time to actually implement the information
  • You started the business or career for more freedom both financially and personally and now you feel like you have less

Take Control of Your Business and Your Life

Why Defy?

You do not have to start from scratch or go it alone. Learn from others and with others how to accomplish what really matters. Feel what it is like to be surrounded by other really freaking cool people who are not only willing to hold you accountable but also your biggest cheerleaders and share their revenue-driving and time-saving secrets that they are using to have more freedom and less stress in their lives.

This program isn’t for everyone. But for those that are ready to really see results and make a positive difference for their company and their family, there is an entire community waiting for you right here.

I Owe DEFY My Sanity And My Success

“DEFY is my go to as well. I was overwhelmed, 5 companies, 2 kids and no time for myself. DEFY was built from the tools my own coaches used to help pull me out of my own overwhelm as well as what I learned from my experience as a therapist about how to not just start something but to truly commit to it. I not only created DEFY, I also use it daily in my companies.”

– Bunny Young

Client Experience & Outcomes: 
What to Expect & Results:

What does it solve?

It solves the lie you tell yourself about not having enough time to accomplish the things that matter. You are not spending your time on the things that matter or at least not enough of it. Defy doesn’t just organize what you are doing, it systematically helps you figure out when to do it so that your actions have the most impact.

But don’t just take my word for it, take the assessment and find out where you are today.

“The Defy Course was absolutely life-changing.   The exercises & processes introduced throughout the course really challenged me to rethink my approach to work/life balance. As a self-employed entrepreneur for almost 2 decades, I had grown accustomed to prioritizing work before self & family.  I went into the course feeling isolated & overwhelmed. What I discovered was a group of like-minded business professionals struggling with the issues. The Defy course provided the tools and taught me a successful, self-care first, a framework which enabled me to align my “receiving” with my “giving”.    Now I invest more time in me & my family. I feel focused, re-energized & in control of my business vs it controlling me. “

– Nathan Purcell, CEO The RAWR Agency

Why Join?

Choose to invest in yourself. 

When I first started off as an entrepreneur I bought the cheapest programs and just tried to figure it out myself and then realized that I was not buying a course, I was investing in literally the ONLY person who could actually guarantee results. Me.

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve learned and experienced and polished it using my retired psychology mojo from my days of being a therapist to strategically help you stay motivated and succeed.

If you want to figure out what really helps you be successful, the Defy Course is a great step in the right direction. The toolbox is a hybrid of all the good things that entrepreneurs use to get to the next level in a manageable sized portion so you can decide what you like and then go full speed into that area of focus. I can’t wait for you to get started!

What you get from DEFY

Envision what your personal and professional life looks like with more results and less overwhelm.

My parents were small business owners. My dad has told me so many times since I started my company “If I had someone that could have sat down with me and helped me work on my business instead of every day in it then I would be a multimillionaire”. I am sharing all of this because I do not want anyone else’s hard-working parent or brother, sister, daughter, whomever to feel like they did not have an opportunity to work on their company and their dreams rather than spending their whole life working in their company. This whole package and toolbox are designed for the next generation of entrepreneurs to create intentional growth while raising families, traveling the world, and having the time to accomplish the goals that they started their business for in the first place.

How To Join DEFY

Apply today and take control of your work-life balance.

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