Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, President Theodore Roosevelt.

Masterminds are responsible for business growth and personal development for some of the most successful entrepreneurs and visionaries since the 1700s.

Our Masterminds provide critical feedback, problem solving, strategic planning, support and accountability needed to reach your business goals.

“The Mastermind program has helped me to gain control of the focus needed to make my business much more successful. It has allowed me to feel much less stressed and has allowed through this focus to increase the profitability of my company. I can’t say enough about the positive impact that A Better Place Consulting will have on you and your business.”

Joe Gallagher, Oasis Senior Advisors

Why Join a Mastermind?  Listen to Bunny’s recorded webinar:

6 Figures in 6 Months Mastermind



Wanna break through that next 6 figure goal? Why not 7 figures?


Join a group that knows what it will take and will stop at nothing to get there.


This Mastermind group of business owners and entrepreneurs will meet virtually on a regular basis to strategize, set goals, develop plans, provide support, combat challenges with creative thinking, and hold each other accountable.  Guest speakers will bring relevant information in so the group can spend the LEAST amount of time and ENERGY for the MOST financial return!


​This group is not for BUSY people it is for productive people. Members will commit to being there for each other, destroying their goals and anything that stands in between them and real life success!  Failure is NOT an option.

New Entrepreneur Mastermind


Now that you have broken off from the corporate world,  it’s time to dive into the entreprenuer’s life, starting with one of the best kept secrets to fast-tracked success – the mastermind group.

Members of this Mastermind group understand the actual value of their time and are ready to exponentially impact their checking accounts and client’s success.



What you can expect:


  • Accountability
  • Decrease your learning curve
  • Shortcuts to success from people who have been there
  • Solutions for success

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