POWER Retreat

A powerful experience for professionals teams and groups.

“Truly like no other professional development you’ve experienced.”

“Amazing that 1 day can change your communication, efficency and engagement for GOOD!”

Positive Outcomes With Equine Relationships

This workshop for professional teams digs deep to help participants overcome obstacles, gain clarity, uncover strategies, become authentic, improve professional relationships, and unleash leadership skills.

How is this accomplished? Through Equine Assisted Learning. By partnering with horses, we are able to faciliate outcomes that provoke therapeutic and educational feedback in a safe and experiential environment.

Bunny Young Speaker PATH International Crossing the Line

“Horses have the ability to help us access knowledge, thoughts and feelings, and practice constructive behaviors in unique and powerful ways.”

Participants have left POWER Retreat with improved:

  • Communication Skills
  • Energy Awareness
  • Employee Trust
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Team Dynamics
  • Self Assessment Skills
  • Workplace Engagement
  • Vision
  • Leadership Skills
POWER Retreat
POWER Retreat
POWER Retreat
POWER Retreat


Upcoming POWER Retreats

Individual Retreat Special: $399 early bird and $499 for any purchases within 20 days of the event.

Individual POWER Retreat

Several Dates Available!
$ 499 for individual ticket
  • 9am-3pm workshop presented by POWER Retreat professionals Bunny Young and Team
  • Hosted at beautiful Dreamcatchers Ranch in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Light Breakfast and Lunch provided
  • Take home “charges” to encourage you to live what you’ve discovered during the workshop

Team POWER Retreat

Presented by A Better Place Consulting
$ 7500 per team
  • 9am-3pm workshop presented by POWER Retreat professionals Bunny Young and Team
  • Hosted at beautiful Dreamcatchers Ranch in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Light Breakfast and Lunch provided
  • “Charges” to encourage you to live what you’ve discovered during the workshop
  • Small groups with a format that allows retreat professionals to respond to the needs and experiences attendees bring, and develop ideas through conversation.
  • Team sessions include Strategic Planning Session, Team POWER Retreat Day and Report

Past participants have included:

  • Sales Teams
  • Corporate Executives & Teams
  • Entreprenuers
  • Healthcare Providers & Teams
  • Small Business Owners & Teams
  • Wellness Providers & Teams

Each POWER Retreat is customized to meet the needs of individuals and teams.

POWER Retreat program includes the following activities:

  • Issues+horseshoes=isshoes
  • Learning To Deal With The Manure In Your Life
  • Build Your World
  • Boundary Buffet
  • The New Join Up
  • Mindfulness
  • Saddle Up
POWER Retreat

Meet Your Facilitator, Bunny Young

Bunny Young Speaker PATH International

“I took my experience as a simple cowgirl with a love of equines and respect for what they teach us and turned it into a career of therapy, retreats, and lessons for professionals.”

With experience and training as both a business growth leader and counselor, Bunny possesses a unique skill set to successfully lead professional and personal development programs.

  • Mental Health Professional with a Masters in Counseling & Psychology a concentration in Equine Assisted Mental Health.
  • Certifications and distinctions including equine specialist in mental health, crisis intervention, diverse communication techniques, and organizational leadership and management.
  • Author of Crossing the Line: Power Activities for Therapy & Learning, a manual of equine assisted activities for Equine Professionals

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bunny Young for many years in providing EAAT (equine assisted activities and therapies) at Dream Catchers at the Cori Sikich Therapeutic Riding Center in Williamsburg Virginia. I have both mentored her and learned from her. She inspires me and amazes me with her ability to create elegantly simple, safe, and highly effective activities to meet the needs of our students and clients.”

Dreamcatchers Host of POWER Retreats

Hosted by Dreamcatchers

Nestled on 22 beautiful acres in Williamsburg, Dream Catchers at the Cori Sikich Therapeutic Riding Center offers a tranquil setting, amazing therapy horses, and a Premier Accredited Riding Center by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

Life-Changing Experience

“I didn’t grow up with horses. I never realized how intuitive they are- all 2200 pounds of them. In this digital age with distractions galore, this day at Dreamcatchers ranch was nothing short of amazing. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by beautiful horses and green pastures. I’m in awe of God’s masterpiece. And quite frankly, I am shocked how much a horse could teach me about myself.

It is impossible to be around a horse that size and not be completely present. The alternative would likely leave you squished. I have struggled with being present over perfect. The striving for perfection has plagued me all of my life, but in that moment, with a 2200 pound horse, I learned the incredible value of simple being. I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t or be more confident than I actually was, I just had to BE.

Relationships are everything. You can never force someone to do something and get a good result. My time is my most valuable resource, not what I achieve, accomplish; not my checklist or my programs. My value comes from being wholly, authentically me, fully present.

We all have “is-shoes.” Vulnerability was a struggle for me all of my life. Having to pretend that I had it all together and perfect was exhausting. I feared failure and felt guilty for my mistakes. I hid those. Now, I appreciate both the good and bad in my life because they have made me who I am. I appreciate the bad even more because those were my biggest teachers. My bruises and scars are beautiful. And so are yours.

My horse’s name was Grace. The irony of her name is not lost on me. I am so thankful for the gift of grace in my life.

Jessi Testimonial for POWER Retreat

I’ve worked through vulnerability and it opened my eyes to my real issue: trust. Trusting my intuition. Trusting that I have all of the answers already and that I don’t need to seek answers from the next conference, book, or training. I believed that someone out there had the magic key to success in my life. Not so.

I am enough.

This is what horses taught me and I am forever grateful for this life-changing experience.

Thank you, Bunny with A Better Place Consulting, for pushing me outside of my comfort zone and knowing how much I needed this experience. “

– Jessi Culyer

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this workshop involves non-mounted equine activities.
No, experience with horses is not necessary.
We recommend closed-toed shoes, long pants, sunscreen, sunglasses. Whatever you might wear to a park. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Before You Leave:

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