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Living Your Passion with Bunny Young

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From Therapist to Chief Burnout Prevention Specialist

Interview on Abundance Daily with Alex Dumas

Get to know the complete Bunny Young; wife, mother, therapist, coach to business owners, entrepreneur, author, and more. We discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, overcoming health challenges and setting her husband on fire… on purpose (trust me it’ll make sense when you listen).

"It's completely safe to say that you've never experienced anyone like Bunny! Let her spark innovation, productivity, and vision in your organization."

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“Innovative, engaging, inspiring –Bunny’s presentation guides the way off of autopilot to real feedback and real change!”

-Angie Cabell, Executive Director Powhatan Chamber of Commerce

“Bunny is extraordinarily thorough in her sessions. Her passion for her clients is evident, as is her desire to bring out the best in each as an individual.”

“Bunny’s presentation changed my mindset.  I used to think of my personal and work life as having two seperate goals and values.  Now I realize that I can and should live my personal values in every aspect of my business.  That authenticity is driving me to become a better person in my business life.  It feels refreshing to feel that I’m bringing a ‘greater good’ to my business and clients.”

“Crossing the Line” Presentation at PATH International Nov 2017

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