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“Bunny’s passion for her clients is evident, as is her desire to bring out the best in each as an individual.”

Admin Ease

“Bunny is amazing to work with! She is so willing to share her knowledge and expertise. She has an unmatched desire to help entrepreneurs succeed. Her ability to lead and coach groups is refreshing. I love working with Bunny and would recommend her coaching to all entrepreneurs!”

~ Kristy Honsvick, Founder, Admin Ease


“I joined A Better Place Consulting’s Mastermind program.  This program has helped me to gain control of the focus needed to make my business much more successful. It has allowed me to feel much less stressed and has allowed through this focus to increase the profitability of my company. All in 12 short weeks.  In fact I was so impressed with Mastermind and A Better Place Consulting that I signed on for the next 12 weeks of Mastermind and A Better Place Consulting services.  I can’t say enough about the positive impact that A Better Place Consulting will have on you and your business.”

~Joe  Gallagher, Oasis Senior Advisors

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“Knowing Bunny several years through shared Board leadership and networking groups, I’ve come to understand respect that she is creative, clever, and has a heart of gold! Whether you are a women entrepreneur who needs a boost or you need guidance or understanding about service animals, talk to Bunny.”

~ Mary Foley, Bodacious! Ventures LLC

“I am a business owner in the RVA area helping Seniors and their families determine the best options. Not long after I started Oasis Senior Advisors, I met Bunny Young. Bunny and I scheduled a one on one meeting, and what can I say it was a connection far surpassing a typical one on one. We continued our journey and I joined ABPC Mastermind group calls. I began to find that Bunny was leading me via this group to success. After a year of Mastermind, thats’s 4, 12 week sessions, Bunny and I talked and began a partnership of being one of her clients. It has been the best decision I have made in my business. My business has grown and continues to grow at a rate that I never thought possible. She holds me accountable, and has a heart that cares so deeply that you know she is on your side and is a partner to you. I have more than tripled my business since meeting Bunny for that one to one and I am thankful daily for her knowledge, guidance, and support. I can’t imagine my business without Bunny and A Better Place Consulting. The impact is that it makes the world a better place. In true Bunny fashion, just throw a Star Fish my friends.”

– Joe Gallagher

“…at the beginning of this year I hired Bunny with A Better Place Consulting as my business coach because I felt an instant connection and also because I naively thought she had all the magic answers for me and my business{es}. She saw the real me and helped me uncover her. She’s the catalyst behind my journey from human doing to human being. Turns out, I didn’t need to be fixed. No one does. I have all the answers for me and my business if I simply #bestillandknow. And, I got an amazingly loyal friend out of the deal.”


caring touch

“I first jumped onboard Bunny’s insightful “Death of a Salesman” webinar, which led me to her twelve week Mastermind call with other likeminded small business owners. Our group was stretched and strengthened by our SMART goal accountability and resource sharing. Subsequently, I was drawn to Bunny’s expertise as a business coach. She is very passionate about breaking down the hurdles that have been standing in my way. With her encouragement, I am pushing through thought patterns that no longer serve me. She is speeding up my learning curve so my business and my world will be A Better Place!”

~ Dianne Hentzen, Founder, Caring Touch Concierge, LLC


“Working with ABP has been a great experience for our chamber. From staffing assistance to board accountability it has been handled with professionalism and proper preparation on our specific areas of concern. There has been follow up in every area to help us stay on task for the upcoming year. I suggest any organization to do themselves and their members a favor and be better prepared with the guidance of ABP.”

~Bonnie Creasy, Goochland Chamber of Commerce

“Bunny is a sweet and caring business owner who goes out of her way to make you feel special. I love working with Bunny and have recommended her programs to several people in my network!”

~ Donna Kunde, Start With Belief Coaching

“Working with Bunny has been incredible. We were sitting in her car having a friendly chat (with Goose in the backseat?) when I decided to attend one of her retreats. It was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, just that we’d be spending the day with horses on the farm. It was incredible and I felt connected to my own purpose and being in a different way than before the retreat. I’m currently part of a mastermind group with Bunny and continue to challenge the assumptions I’ve been making about my life and my business. The structure and accountability I’ve gained from some of the tools Bunny has shared, along with others in the group, are invaluable. My business is growing and I’m having more fun!”

~ Sarah S.

“Innovative, engaging, inspiring –Bunny’s presentation guides the way off of autopilot to real feedback and real change!”

-Angie Cabell, Executive Director Powhatan Chamber of Commerce


“I’ve been working with Bunny Young for over a year now and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am with my business if it weren’t for her insight, innovative ideas and encouragement. I could describe it as providing not only the path but accountability with a loving touch. There is magic here you have to experience for yourself.”

~ Thomas L.


“Bunny offers practical solutions to difficult business problems. Bunny is able to help a person break down their problems to easily digestible steps for improvement. She has the gift to help a person see a solution from a different stand point. Bunny holds her clients accountable and sees them through to the end. She is a valuable resource to the business community as well as to people with disabilities. Her passion for improvement shines through!”

~ Kim Brundage, Kim Brundage Photography

“A little less than a year now; Bunny has helped me personally and professionally, because they both have to be in sync for success. My mental health clinic went from Me doing every little thing and trying to be a good provider at the same time to being a full Nonprofit Organization, with a functioning board, and thriving partnerships with surrounding Universities and Clinics all geared towards providing exceptional care to All regardless of typical access to treatment.

Bunny has provided me with tools to create my own success, and the encouragement to find solutions which best align with my goals for Triple Willow and our Patients who rely on us to be there for them.”

-Kyle M.

“Bunny Young has helped me refocus my efforts and concentrate on the positive, to see the results of my efforts and translate that into future short-term goals. The group has provided a fresh perspective and given me encouragement where before I had only dim expectations. We have seen an increase in business since engaging A Better Place Consulting. I chose to work with Bunny because I knew her to have a similar altruistic outlook on life as I do. Our efforts are not just about making a better business, but a better community and a better world. For me, I would tell others that my experience working with Bunny has been inspiring.”

~ Thomas M.Leahy III, OptimumEd

“Thank you! As a sole proprietor, I found myself getting overwhelmed at time by the abundant number of “hats” to wear for each area of the business. My tasks always seem to be the launching pad to another task ~ without finishing the first. Bunny’s respectful nudging through years of my own conditioning helped me to see things in a more organized and palatable way. Thank you Bunny for the compassion and passion you delivered in your own uniquely wonderful style!!”


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